The CoreLife Challenge

It’s time to wake up refreshed, be excited to put your clothes on and look in the mirror, run up the stairs and get your life back. It’s no longer the time to fear the scale. The CoreLife Challenge is a 21-day process that helps get you recharged, refueled, and on the path towards living a healthier lifestyle. This journey of life is hard – there’s no doubt about it. However, we think with more energy and a clearer mind, it makes life that much more enjoyable! Below are recommendations on how to detox your system, along with refueling your body with the foods its meant to eat. 


Program Details

Before You Start

Before we start the CoreLife Challenge, discover your “why” – the thing that is fueling you to make this life change. This will help drive you throughout the 21 days when the going gets tough. If your “why” is large enough, the potential for success is much greater. How badly do you want to change your life? This is the key to success for this program.

Your Diet

Getting healthy isn’t easy. It requires you to eliminate certain foods and drinks from your diet and replace them with foods packed with nutrients. During the 21-day CoreLife Challenge, you should avoid sugars (including cereals, sweets, pastas, breads, candies, cakes, and crackers), fast food, gluten/wheat, trans fats and hydrogenated oils, and reduce dairy and soy intake. In addition, stay away from sugary drinks such as sodas – including diet soda, sports drinks, high caffeine drinks, and alcohol.

Instead, fuel your body with whole foods that are colorful. We recommend three vegetable servings and one fruit serving a day, healthy fats (tree nuts, avocados, fish), and fiber (lettuce, quinoa, beans, rice bran). Make sure to drink plenty of green tea and water. Eating out? CoreLife Eatery is a perfect choice for healthy eating over the next 21 days. It will provide you with great tasting, quality meals that are designed to feed you body and mind.

During the Challenge 

Get moving by finding a type of exercise that you enjoy doing. Be sure to start work outs slowly to avoid injury. If you are already working out, change up your routine on occasion to avoid plateaus.

Your body needs proper sleep, around eight hours a night. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid blue light an hour before bed. This includes the television, computer, and phone. Avoid eating after 7 PM during the challenge.

Past CoreLife Challenge Champions

Kara Shanks

CoreLife Challenge Participant Kara Shanks

When Kara Shanks started the CoreLife Challenge, she didn’t like what she saw or how she felt. The 30-year-old had struggled with her weight for as long as she could remember. The Challenge was an opportunity for her to focus on her overall health.
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Jen Liddy

CoreLife Challenge Participant Jen Liddy

Jen Liddy had stared at the immovable number on the scale for years. She was frustrated, angry, unmotivated and exhausted. Diagnosed as pre-diabetic, the CoreLife Challenge she was forced to face her drug of choice: sugar.
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Meggan Camp

CoreLife Eatery Meggan Camp

Meggan Camp, a 43- year old single mom, was living an active lifestyle, but she felt stressed and unhinged. She saw the CoreLife Challenge as a way to stay on point physically and mentally.
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Begin the Challenge Now

Over the next 21 days, you will receive a series of emails from us detailing the guidelines of the CoreLife Challenge and offering tips, resources, and motivation! We want to see you succeed and help you live a healthier, more active lifestyle. Sign up below to get started!